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Hi My name is Matthew. I live in Camberley in Surrey in England. For the past 14 years I have been working in the computing industry in about every role you can imagine. Currently I am consulting locally for an engineering firm.

I love food and drink so thought I would start writing about it.

I have been cooking for myself for the past 18 months properly and find myself always searching for new recipes.

Current loves food wise are west indian, italian, french and spanish.

I like most wines but if you serve me good aged bordeaux or a 10 yr old burgundy I will love you forever.

If you are looking for a photo dream on. Maybe one day. I'll let you know.

I eat out too much but I do promise to tell all about the highs and lows.


Food, Food, Food, Wine, Wine, and way down the list cinema, cars, music, books etc.